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    Last Post: Salem Hamta
    Mon at 3:34 PM

    have the bachelor chance to apply?

    I have bachelor and have graduated in 2013 but here I have read abou prtcipents that one who graduated from high school with in 2 years and or will graduate in 2019.

    any suggustion/? 

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    Last Post: Arnav Sharan
    December 6

    Eligibility of scholarship

    I have been selected for the final round.

    If I get selected in the final round as well and win the scholarship, will it be valid till the time I graduate from school? (April 2021)

    Thank you in advance

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    final stage

    I have answered you in private massage 

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    Last Post: Lidija Simic
    December 6

    Final stage participation

    Is it possible for me to participate in the final stage? I am from Belgrade, Serbia. My country is not on the list of time and places of keeping. I would heartly appreciate an answer.

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    Final of Olympiad

    Dear sir or madam;

    I have the  results and i don't if i was chosen.

    What was the standards to be choose. But i have the way to go to the place of Olympiad can i have a support please?

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    I have not the results of online stage yet. When  can i see own results?

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    Final stage

    How can you know that you are chosen to participate in the final stage of the Olympiad?

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    Document series, Unit code and Document number

    When writing down my document number, it's says that the the format is wrong. Mine has the format XXX.XXX.XXX-XX .

    Also, I don't know what the "document series" and "unit code" are. Even though I've searched in internet, I didn't find anything

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    problem with a math question on the olimpics


    On question 2 there is a problem with the right question. Since A is different than C, when the function given has value of x equals A, that implies that A equals D and for the same line of thought when X equals C, C equals B. Which impli

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    Last Post: Mert Unsal
    December 2


    Where can I see if I passed to the final exam or not?

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    Last Post: Sergey Pominov
    November 29

    Unable to find Class 12 paper

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wanted to take part in the Russian International Olympiad for Physics and Mathematics. 

    At Persent I am studying in Class 12 in a school at Delhi, India.

    I am unable to find Class 12 paper in

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    Last Post: Leonardo Wimmer
    November 17

    Language of the Certificate of Education

    Does the certificate of education need to be in english? Because mine isn't.

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    Last Post: Ammar Hdaifeh
    November 6

    Good Morning can i apply for more than one

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    Need help regarding to the uploading of answers

    I was asking, should we only upload the answer for each problem or our whole work process?

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    Last Post: Mert Unsal
    November 1

    Space time

    According to me the space time varies place to place according to our reference

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    Announcement of Results

    When the results of the online competition will be announced?